Heroes Don’t Have to be Talented

A 68 year old man comes into the clinic for a late afternoon appointment. As is typical for him, he’s complaining of vague symptoms that seem like nothing more than those of an older man who doesn’t take great care of himself feeling the effects of doing so for years on end. The resident responsible […]

Unlearning Certainty

The first two years of medical school come down to identifying an answer. The answer. It’s always nestled among five choices, at the bottom of  a carefully constructed paragraph that includes all the information and buzz words we need. Being a great first or second year student becomes of game of plodding through the cycle […]

What’s It For

Throughout medical school, we jump to “How’d I do?” After all, feedback, grades, and evaluations are the engine of success for medical students. But, the answer to “How’d I do?” depends on another, more important question. “What’s it for?” When we skip that question, the one that defines the meaning and purpose of anything we […]

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

The happy hour, the concert, the potluck dinner, or even the phone call to someone we love is a waste of time. The tests and research projects, they’re more important, right? After all, medical students are busy. Is that the whole story? Or are we choosing to hide? Hiding is so appealing because the alternative, […]